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MagicBox: Mass finishing for ABS and PLA 3D prints on your desktop.The best companion for your 3D

printer. By SKY-TECH.

Polish your 3D prints… Magically! 

Easier than saying “ABRACADABRA!” or waving around a magic wand,the MagicBox will give you the look

and feel you want from your creations.It polishes ABS and PLA prints to a glassy smooth finish in almost

no time at all! 

The magician’s greatest secret. 

Do you want beautiful, finished prints that wow your audience, but don’twant to spend so much time,

effort, and money to get them?Then youneed an elegant solution that polishes your creations effortlessly. 

You need the MagicBox!

The magicbox in all its glory!

The magicbox in all its glory!

The MagicBox uses an acetone vapor bath to smooth the lines normally present on FDM prints.

It’s simple, easy-to-use settings give you control over the look and feel of your creations. Polish out rough

edges or preserve detail, it’s up to you.

On the right is a duck before being polished. On the left is a duck after being polished by the MagicBox. This is ABS duck.

On the right is a duck before being polished. On the left is a duck after being polished by the MagicBox.

This is ABS duck.

ABS material made by MagicBox

ABS material made by MagicBox

This is ABS secret-head who's file we download from internet.

This is ABS secret-head who's file we download from internet.

Magicbox for PLA prints result.

Magicbox for PLA prints result.

This is our filament that we use on our MagicBox experiment.
This is our filament that we use on our MagicBox experiment.

Our filament picture.

Ready to witness the magic on your desktop?

We’ve designed and built a few functional prototypes of the MagicBox, and we are almost ready to start
manufacturing. We need your help to make it happen. By backing our project, you could be first in line to
get a MagicBox, and be one step closer to simplifying your workflow, or making your hobby even more
enjoyable.  So pick a reward, any reward, and help us make your life much easier, and a whole lot more

We need a volunteer from the audience

To begin using the MagicBox just follow these simple directions:

  • Fill the reservoir with acetone.
  • Place a clean print into the chamber.
  • Adjust the settings and press start.
  • Automation Control: For the sake of the safety, we control between inside and outside pressure,
    we need to keep the pressure  balance,because this is why  vapor always inside and smell nothing.
  • The clean fan will run after the magical process done.


Stage magic, meet street magic.

At Sky-Tech we believe that everything about 3D printing should be fun and inspiring. When we were
looking for a solution to polish our own creations, we found that everything else on the market was
too big, too expensive, and too difficult to use. So we decided to create our own solution; something
that would be small enough to fit on our desks, something that doesn’t require us to pawn our hats
and rabbits or buy expensive chemical refills, and something that would be easy for anyone to use.
So we designed and built the MagicBox.

The secrets revealed.

The MagicBox uses a patent pending process to quickly evaporate acetone. The vapor fills the chamber
and begins to smooth out the surface lines from of your FDM prints. After you’re finished, the exhaust fan
and filter will capture the excess vapor to ensure that the air in your room stays clean and fresh.

Super secret: We have made a compact design to our customers, please note that we design a  vapor
switch on control pannel, with the steam setting time, you can control the acetone vapor make different
fineness, for example, we can make the surface is very slippery, but the details would lose more,
you can make the surface smooth surface only a little, but the details can be preserved.This is called
Magicbox customize function.

The MagicBox will be manufactured using the highest-quality components available. Here are some
general specifications:

  • Total Size: 30cm x 30cm x 29cm
  • Chamber Size: 25cm x 25cm x 20cm
  • Weight: 5kg
  • Power: 100-240V A/C, 50/60HZ
  • Works with ABS, PLA

Project background

1. After using a beaker filled with acetone over an induction cooker to finish our 3D prints, we began
brainstorming a better way and came up with the concept of the MagicBox. We wanted to make the whole
process simpler.

2. Then we began to design a basic controller and chipset to test with.  

3. We wanted the MagicBox to be used right next to your 3D printer, so we designed it to be small;
about the size of a 17 inch monitor. Our first concept drawings. Our first design draft. 3D CAD models
of the functional prototype. 

Our design draw.
Our design draw.
MagicBox Control Pannel
MagicBox Control Pannel
Magicbox Specification
Magicbox Specification
3D CAD models of the functional prototype.
3D CAD models of the functional prototype.

4. We were all excited about the prototype when it was finally ready to test, and after we tested it with

a few prints we realized we had made something truly magical. And that is how the MagicBox was born! 

Production and fulfillment plan 

During the campaign, we’ll finalize the design of the MagicBox and prepare for manufacturing with the

same manufacturer that produces our high performance 3D printers. Once the campaign is successful,

we’ll start mass production for the backers and form a marketing strategy for global sales. At Sky-Tech

we have lots of experience manufacturing 3D printers and our customers include product design

companies, architecture design companies, colleges, educational institutions, etc. The engineering

magic inside the MagicBox is considerably simpler than the mechanisms and electronics in our

3D printers, so you can rest assured that we have the skills and capacity to promptly fulfill our rewards.

If you’d like more information on our company please visit our website.

Major production stages:

1. MagicBox concept development. ~ 2014/1/15 

2. Prototype development. ~ 2014/2/20 

3. Prototype testing and improving, manufacturing preparations. ~ 2014/8/15 

4. Kickstarter funds raised. ~ 2014/6/30 

5. MagicBox manufacturing. Sky-tech T-shirt production. ~ 2014/9/30 

6. Distribute rewards and begin sales. ~ 2014/10-

The 3D Printer we use on this Experiment: 

All of the prints we use two machine to print it, and we offer the best price for our bakers.

Shipping Date:  Feb. 2015

Product Specification

Product Name

SkyMaker MagicBox

Product Size

300 x 300 x 287 mm (12 x 12 x 11 inches)


5 kg

Chamber Size

250 x 250 x 200 mm (10 x 10 x 8 inches)

Compatible FDM Materials


Operating Environment

Well ventilated area

Maximum room temperature 85°F (29.4°C);

Humidity<65% non condensing

Maximum altitude of up 10761 feet (3280meters)

Operator Attendance

Power Requirements


Additional Requirements

1. 300mm (12inches) distance to keep away

2. Spray acetone without heating.