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About SKY-TECH Store

Sky Tech Co., Ltd. has been pursuing two lofty goals. One is playing a leading role on R&D for intelligence system technology. The other one is innovation. In recent years, we imported a large number of American 3D printers into Taiwan for technical research. Furthermore, in order to have a best understanding on customer service, our organization sent out numerous engineers to learn 3D printing technology through a complete educational training and working process in the United States, including designing, developing, manufacturing and customer service. Finally, we are successful through our great and continuous efforts. As an industry leader, we spare no effort to continue enhancing our technologies and products. It takes us two years to develop a series of products through combining multiple highlights with brands new design, including integrating advanced American 3D printing technology, key mechanic parts from Taiwan and Japan, American software technology on machine related motion control, American circuit control board and developing & manufacturing new printing material. Product models embody SKY-MAKER-520 (small-size dual-nozzle printer), SKY-MAKER-800 (large-size single-extruder printer), SKY-MAKER-802 (large size dual-extruder printer), etc. Those products really solve those issues that traditional ones had before, such as block inside extruders, lack of precision, inflexibility at software application, and huge noise when moving around

Our accomplishment in 3D technologies has been recognized by nationwide and international clients from the United States, Taiwan, Japan, Singapore and other countries. We are extremely motivated with client support and compliment. In order to optimize our technical strength in the most effective manner, from developing products locally to integrating products with American 3D technologies, our organization set up R&D centers in the U.S. and Taiwan respectively. So far we have very solid software & hardware technologies and powerful mechanical specialty overall. Our dream is to allow you, him/her, or myself to enjoy a much smarter and easier lifestyle by using our products. In addition, we hope our R&D staff will be able to develop better samples and product within a shorter period of time than expected. Efficiency and effectiveness is our goal. Not just planning on paper, but we can develop and print out to show the final product design. Our goal is to get customer sales orders within the shortest period of time to satisfy customer needs. Our commitment to customers is to provide them the most advanced and user-friendly 3D printing technology through utilizing the best software and hardware platforms.

We strongly believe the core value of research and development (R&D). More than 80 percent of our staff has been directly involved in product and technology development. Our organization completely owns many copyrights and patents covered in various technical fields. From doing that, we have established close partnership with machinery manufacturers and other related factories. As an origination of authentic technology, we look forward to cooperating seamlessly with all related industries with a strong basis on honesty and mutual respect. As an innovative technology corporation, we have developed our culture - “Be First in the World” to create a bright future. We all deeply think all people are created equal in front of technologies. No matter how the outside is well packed or decorated, inferior or obsolete products will eventually be eliminated from our history. We are committed to move up with the 3D printing development trend. Therefore, we will be able to provide the best product to customers in a quickest manner. 

Welcome to our R & D center for field study and establish close partnership with us. Let us work together and contribute our indispensable strength to the global 3D printing industry. The whole world will enjoy our effort and partnership and become more brilliant and intelligent. Look forward to seeing you soon.